Goals and Progress

The Gretchen Gotthart Skeldon raises money throughout the year with a variety of events including Fashionably Late and gives it away as soon as we can! This year, our second year, we have found several excellent programs and people to support with our grant money. Thanks to YOU if you donated money, bought a ticket to an event or gave your time. These organizations appreciate the donation...and we could not have done it without YOU! Thanks!

This year, the Fund advisors decided to give to the following:

  • Make a Wish Foundation for the Gretchen Gotthart Skeldon Wish
  • Susan G. Komen to fund mammograms through Care Net ...and maybe something else developing...we will keep you posted
  • Toledo Ballet Association for the Adaptive Dance Program
  • Sunshine, Inc. for a new innovative program using faith based communities and music to foster relationships in the community at large with people with disabilities.

We are pleased to note that $40,000 has been distributed to four NW Ohio agencies in the last two years.

The needs are great but we are focused on our mission. Please continue to follow our progress and, if you're in a position to do so, make a contribution to this important fund*. Our profound thanks to each and every one of you who have brought us this far with your donations, your energy and your continued love for Gretchen.

*NOTE: In using the Online Giving Center on the Toledo Community Foundation website, direct your donation to Gretchen's fund by entering "Gretchen Gotthart Skeldon Fund" in the box titled "Fund name."



  • Gary Carter
  • Tim & Sarah Croak
  • Lawrence & Debra Gaster
  • James & Kristine Hoffman
  • Dan & Erin Ibele
  • Andrea Janowicz
  • Jeff & Tracey Joyce
  • Pete Kasper
  • Paul & Carol Kraus
  • Andrew & Mary Pat Marmion
  • Renee Mason
  • John & Ann Meier
  • David & Kim Mossing
  • Brian & Margo Nuss
  • Rev. David Nuss
  • Greg Pax
  • Phil Skeldon
  • Denise & Scott Walsh
  • Ric & Karen Ranney Wolkins
  • Robert Zollweg


  • Karen Barentzen
  • Jennifer Bockey
  • Matthew Braun & Julia Aumann Habrecht
  • Mike & Deb Calabrese
  • Michael & Jody Debacker
  • William D. Douthett
  • Douglas & Brenda Hartley Dymarkowski
  • Jonathan & Susan Frantz
  • Ali Fritz
  • Sarah Gerken
  • Judith Ludwig
  • Mary McManamon
  • Mark & Karen Neihous
  • Chrys Peterson
  • Bradley & Laura Rieger
  • Jane E. Roman
  • Jodi Hess & Jane Spurgeon
  • Edward & Mary Smith
  • Michael Simone
  • Ken Widdel
  • Martha Williams
  • Roger Williams